The Grand Academy of Rauni Edit

Fully 8% of the Elven capitol of Jumala either works at or attends the Grand Academy. The Academy itself is broken into divisions dedicated to the various arts and sciences. The most famous of these is the Arcanum.

The Arcanum Edit

The Arcanum at Jumala is the world's most prestigious institute of magical learning. Its history dates back to the founding of the academy, and has boasted numerous breakthroughs in the magical arts over the centuries.

Projects Edit

The "Manhattan Project" Edit

A tremendous amount of resources are being poured into this project, which has been deemed critical to recovering the legendary elven artifact, Sampo.

Airship Technology Edit

First proposed by the human wizard, David, the airship technology of the elves is still in its infancy. There are limited resources which can be diverted to its development, but the mages and and smiths working on the project have the excitement of ten elves. Twenty members of the Arcanum (professors and senior students), along with thirty craftsmen from the city and surrounding towns have been recruited to the project.

The Athenaeum Edit

This vast archive houses copies of most media known to elvenkind. The grand library also features many original works of art, ancient maps, musical scores and recipes.

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