The Airship Yritys, Passenger Caravel Edit

The airship Yritys is a light, 50’-long caravel, with five 10’-long, 8”-diameter copper drums affixed to the side and held in place with an elegant mithril ring structure. This propels the ship along at a swift 8 miles an hour. The ship has two masts on the deck with sails that can be run up in case of favorable winds, increasing speed up to as much as 20 miles an hour, depending on wind speed and direction. The sails also help the ship move around when not on a ley line.

The ship can move vertically at a speed of 100 feet per minute. On a strong ley line it has a maximum altitude of about 1,500 feet, but typically cruises at 200 feet.

Systems Edit

The ship is built around a pair of dragon stones that are integrated into the lift and drive magical elements. A member of the crew links to each dragon stone while situated on a ley line and channels the ley line energy through the dragon stone in an extended ritual. A third member of the crew, the captain, then creates a telepathic link between himself and the two crew members linked to the dragon stone in order to coordinate the airship's flight.

Crew Edit

The airship Yritys is crewed by 5 elves - a lift mage (leijai) , a propulsion mage (tuuli), the captain, a mechanic and a steward. The captain, leijai and tuuli are from the Arcanum at the Academy of Rauni and are full wizards.

  • Captain - Väinö, an applied transmuation theory professor and former sailor of house Hopea
  • Leijai - Venla, in her 25th year at the academy, comes from House Pyhä
  • Tuuli - Niilo, in his 22nd year at the academy, comes from a merchant family up by White Harbor.
  • Mechanic - Eevi Koristo, a clever metalworker with a talent for functional detail, of no great house but renown ability. She has always wanted to fly, otherwise the academy probably wouldn’t be able to afford her time.
  • Steward - Elsa, a squire to a duke Valdemar Lindqvist of house Hopea, the ship’s sponsor.
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