Der Amboss der Dämmerung Edit

Also called The Anvil of Dawn, The Dawnforge, Yr Einion o Wawr

Said to be one of the Five Keys that can restore Kela the Guardian to her corporeal form, the Anvil of Dawn is supposedly the central piece of a legendary forge. It is said to be located on an island where no other land can be seen. It is a sacred piece of hobgoblin mythology, and is remembered in giant texts as Yr Einion o Wawr.

Location Edit

The Anvil of Dawn has recently been rediscovered on a previously uncharted volcanic island far off the coast of Ostenhauner. An elven scout ship found the island, and noticed a strange structure vaulting above the caldera of the island's volcano. The vaulted structure and the shape of the volcano matched the description in a very old giantish text.

The island is apparently a port to one of the hobgoblin naval fleets, which spotted the elven vessel and attacked. The elvish scout ship sustained serious losses, but was able to escape by deploying powerful illusion magic to make it look like the ship had been set afire and sunk by ballista fire from a hobgoblin dreadnought.

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