The Dragon's Tooth Edit

Appearance Edit

The Dragon's Tooth is the fossilized tooth of an extremely large dragon. It is 1.6 meters long and weighs about 40 kilograms. The tooth's coloration is an irregular dappled gradient from charcoal black at the base to a golden yellow in the middle to ivory white at the tip. Every millimeter of the tooth is covered in carefully inscribed runes in Draconic.

Text Edit

The name, birth date, death death and elemental subtype of thousands of dragons are inscribed on the tooth. Hidden within the script is a yet-undeciphered code that is suspected to be connected to the locations of various magical artifacts and locations of power that are aligned with dragons.

Abilities Edit

Certain runes inscribed on the Dragon's Tooth light up if the tooth is brought within 25 kilometers of one of The Five Keys. It has already been used to find the Orb of Palantha-Kawon.

It is suspected that the tooth updates itself through a magical process.

Creation Edit

Divination magic has revealed that the creator of the tooth was a dragon. Nothing more is certain. Given the earliest date on the tooth, scholars suspect it was created at least 3300 years ago.

Ownership Edit

The current owner of the Tooth is a human named David.

The previous owner was a mad elven mage named Helmark.