Väg Förfäder (‘the path of ancestors’- primarily dwarven and reincarnationist) Edit

Jafnhar - The Father: lord of fires and metal, judge of battles, holder of pacts and runes. Jafnhar and his wife, Välsi are thought to be the progenitors of all dwarves, and it is they who receive the souls of the virtuous dead in their golden hall. Jafnhar is fatherly, and loves to teach. He revels in fighting and song, and in the creation of strong and clever things, like dwarves. Jafnhar rewards persistence, endurance and valor above all else. His domains are Ancestor, Artifice, Community, Fire, Law, Metal, Rune, Strength and War.

Välsi - The Mother: lady of the earth and water, teacher and healer, righteous defender. Välsi honors families above all, and extends her blessing to those who defend their kin. She urges wisdom in all things, and encourages cleverness in her warriors so as to reduce unnecessary bloodshed. Her domains are Ancestors, Earth, Family, Healing, Knowledge, Loyalty, Nobility, Protection and Water.

Nidd - The Dragon: corrupter and defiler. Nidd is the terror in the darkness, the penalty of greed and the dark fate of the too-curious. It is a force of destruction, entropy and horror. It is said that Nidd causes dwarves to fall from the path of ancestors so that it may harvest their souls and steal them away from the cycle of reincarnation. Most dwarves can never be in too much of a hurry to slay a cultist of Nidd. Nidd’s domains are Darkness, Destruction, Dragon, Entropy, Evil, Madness, Trickery, Void and War.

Våra Fränder - Our Kin: the honored ancestors whose deeds have laid the path for the men and women of today. Most dwarven families have a patron ancestor who they particularly venerate, and the church of the Väg Förfäder maintains extensive genealogy lists and histories. While no particular ancestor is venerated at the same level of the three primary gods (even despicable Nidd stands high above any ancestor in status) it is not uncommon for a dwarf to pray to his favorite ancestor in times of need. Ancestor spirits are seen as much more interventionist than the three primary deities, and provide inspiration toward a state of honor that most dwarves wish to achieve. Any given Våra Fränder will have no more than three domains, and very few govern domains that overlap with any of Nidd’s. A dwarven priest will almost always call upon Jafnhar or Välsi first in their prayers, and then possibly one of the fränder as well.