The first of the elf colonies on Waritu were founded about 2500 years ago. The last surviving colony was abandoned 750 years ago. All of the colonies were founded with sponsorship from one or more of Kotime's greater and lesser houses.

Former Elf Colonies of Waritu Edit

Harmaa Satama - The colony founded on the Northeastern tip of Waritu never really took off in the way its sponsors hoped. The gray, foggy landscape was dispiriting to potential elven colonists, despite the terrific soil and excellent fishing waters.

Huojuva - a few hundred miles north of Villikoti, and situated in the shadow of a low mountain range, this village was plagued by mild earthquakes every 3-4 years.

Kolme Jokia - Intended as a port city in the far northwestern corner of the Bay of Fire, Kolme Jokia was never not under attack from orcs, giants, gnolls, naga, and fey. Kolme Jokia was valiantly defended, but after the Curse of the Decline, it was the first colony to be abandoned. Long a symbol of outrage to the native people of Waritu, absolutely nothing remains of the once mighty fortress and its port.

Lasiosa - This town was built around a strange tree made of green-blue glass, found in the highlands near the coast east of Sydämen Muisti.

Madalikud - the southernmost colony, Madalikud maintained a peaceful trading relationship with a nearby stone giant tribe, but regularly fought with the nomadic orcs, gnolls and lizardfolk who roamed the area. Considered the ‘frontier fort’, Madalikud was a major project of House Vaarasta.

Sydämen Muisti - was the westernmost colony, situated in south central Waritu, 200 miles northwest of the Seas of Salt. Over time, it developed into city of major importance, and was long considered the elves’ proudest achievement, until the city was suddenly overrun by enemies and destroyed.

Villikoti - the first elven colony, situated on the edge of the Beard Penninsula

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