Etiäinen - Unseelie Spirits Edit

Etiäinen are spirits aligned with the unseelie court of the fey. They are typically summoned to attack a particular target, whose shadow they inhabit and steal to interact with the material world.

They can speak, but it sounds like fading echoes. Each word is distant and dopplers out. It is creepy. They can bleed, but their blood is like drops of congealed light. Their wounds shine. A badly injured Etiäinen is positively luminous.

The Etiäinen have similar looking equipment, but all of it is simply normal equipment, with the exception of magic items. Then the Etiäinen have a mundane masterwork version of that item. They do not have consumable items, but their pouches and gear look the same.

When an Etiäinen is KOed they splash apart into shadow and join back with their physical counterparts. When an Etiäinen is destroyed, it bursts apart into an explosion of bright light. (Roll Willpower+Body, target 6 to avoid being dazzled. Every success fewer than 6 imposes a +1 die target number to any visual activity.  +5 to the target number means that you’re essentially blind. The penalty decreases by 1 every two turns.) A destroyed Etiäinen does not reform as a character’s shadow. A character without a shadow has trouble sleeping and healing naturally. (Treat as sleep deprived, ½ normal dice on all natural healing rolls) Their shadow slowly reforms over the course of several weeks (101 days/(Essence+Body)). In the time in between, it is stunted and patchy, and frequently points in the wrong direction.

Within the shadows they steal, the Etiäinen have the same skills and stats as the victims, but have an Edge stat of 0. Etiäinen have a +5 bonus to their initiative score.

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