Frost Giants of Daera Edit

Physical Traits Edit

Frost giants are sapient mammals. They are humanoid in form stand between 5 and 6 meters tall. Frost giants are highly resistance to sources of extreme cold and comfortably spend their days in sub-zero temperatures. On the other side of the coin, they do not enjoy warm temperatures and suffer severe burns from even incidental contact with fire.

Culture Edit

Frost giants are typically a haughty bunch and put a high value on cultural pursuits.

Religion Edit

Frost giants pray to their ancestors and do not typically worship gods of any sort. Most frost giants are actually offended by the idea of supernatural powers of a deific scale and say that if the gods of dwarves and elves are so great, why don't they do something about the state of the world instead of watching and laughing at the mortals scurrying about.


As giants, the primary tongue of frost giants is Cân o Wybod. The frost giantish dialect of the "song of knowing" incorporates a number of dwarvish words as well as some elven terms.

Arts Edit

Frost giants hold artists and crafters in high esteem, viewing the arts as a way to achieve a small measure of immortality.

Crafts Edit

Most frost giant crafts require heavy labor and follow knotted and scrolled patterns that can be traced through family lines. Because of the demands of a frost giants' frame and their preference for fine appearances, talented weavers, tailors, leather workers and armor smiths are highly sought after and can become very high ranked in frost giant society. Sculptors, wood carvers, jewelers and weapon smiths are also esteemed.

Magic Edit

Most frost giant magicians are shamans, and typically align themselves with beast spirits, ice spirits and wind spirits.

Music Edit

Frost Giants are known to front.

Centers of Power Edit

more to come

History Edit

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System Edit

  • Body: 9/14
  • Agility: 1/4
  • Reaction: 1/4
  • Strength: 9/14
  • Willpower: 1/5
  • Logic: 1/6
  • Intuition: 1/5
  • Charisma: 1/6
  • Edge: 1/6
  • Frost Giant Racial: Cold Immunity (Essence x 2 armor vs cold), Severe Fire Allergy (contact with fire results in extreme pain, and the forst giant is -4 to resist damage from sources of fire), Low-Light Vision, +2 Reach, +400% increased Lifestyle Costs

Average Frost Giant mook:

Body 12, Agility 3, Reaction 2, Strength 13, Willpower 2, Logic 3, Intuition 2, Charisma 3

Average Frost Giant Shaman:

Body 10, Agility 2, Reaction 2, Strength 10, Willpower 4, Logic 3, Intuition 3, Charisma 5