Artifact - Jörðandaplóg Edit

The Jörðandaplóg (which loosely translates to "Earth Spirit Shovel" in the ancient dwarf language), is a huge artifact made from one white-green selenite crystal. The massive crystal - five and a half feet tall and nearly a foot in diameter, has been carved in a series of intertwining geometric patterns. It is mostly transparent, and refracts sunlight wildly.

The artifact is essentially indestructible by normal means, though it can be destroyed through geomancy or getting tossed into a lake of lava or the sun.

The Jörðandaplóg focuses gathers the energy of ley lines, stores and refocuses them, and can be used to facilitate massive geomantic effects. The ancient dwarves used it to carve their citadels out of underground caverns, raise mountains, awaken volcanoes, redirect rivers and other mighty feats.

The Jörðandaplóg’s magic does not work quickly, however. It accelerates natural processes and directs them, but nothing happens in a flash. To awaken a dormant volcano or redirect a major river would take weeks, to raise a mountain range, years.

The artifact is also capable of restoring the energy balance of an area or negating (through absorption and distillation) the ley workings of geomancers.

A spellcaster linked with the Jörðandaplóg can extend the range of his geomancy effects by five times the listed distance, and can link up with a ley line from three times the usual distance. The spellcaster can always select the geomantic effects desired through the artifacts’ influence.

The Jörðandaplóg cannot be influenced by psychic abilities or most magical effects. It floats above the earth at a distance of 10 inches when in the presence of a ley line, and typically orients itself vertically with a repeating square knot on one edge facing true north. When brought above ground or on the sea it falls to the floor or deck and must be carried. The artifact weighs 750 pounds.

When over ground, the artifact can be pushed along with a simple DC 10 strength check (DC 5 within 5 miles of a ley line). It is capable of supporting up to 30 tons before descending to the round.

When recovered from it's hiding place, the Jörðandaplóg was almost completely depleted of power. It can be returned to strength over the course of a month at a ley line nexus point.

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