Known affectionately and appropriately as "Thunder Home," Jumala is the capital city of Kotime, and the seat of government for all elves. Much of the great metropolis is built into and on top of the giant trees of the Thunderglade rain forest. It is situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Rautavesi.

The Grand Temple of Ukko, chief deity of the elves, sits on the southeastern shore of Lake Rautavesi, about a day's ride west of Jumala.

The now-destroyed lair of Vossaprus was directly north across the lake from Jumala.

Notable Features Edit

Grand Academy of Rauni - the Arcanum Edit

Where elves of all types come to train in the elven arts, particularly magic.

Financial Center Edit

The Great Kuubric Bank is located here, as well as the famed Hanging Markets

Royal Accommodations Edit

The seat of elvendom is here; as are a panoply of lesser and greater royalty and great heroic houses.

Government and Population Edit

Government Edit

Magical, Utopian Experiment, w/ a Dynasty of Royalty pledged to execute the will of the people

Population Edit

roughly 32,000

  • 28,500 elves from across the continent, though dark-skinned equatorial elves are most common
  • 2,000 Halflings
  • 500 Gnomes
  • 3 extraplanar beings known as 'humans'
  • 2 Naga
  • 1 extraplanar being known as a jyoti, or phoenixkin.

Most of the key civic roles are filled by senior members of the greater elven houses, though some outstanding members of other houses have been able to rise to prominence as well.

Notable Citizens Edit

Queen Regent Estrid Storrada, of House Terävä

King Turku Hedlinger, of House Hopea

Prince Harald Storada, of House Terävä

Princess Ulrika Storada, of House Terävä

Mattila, of House Pyhä High Priestess of Rauni

Suomen, of House Lehtimija, High Priest of Kyllikki

Elenora, of House Pyhä, Priestess of Kuu

Ingemar, of House Aavistus, Priest of Laufi

Carolus Bonde, of House Kauppias, Overseer of the hanging Markets

Gustav Sture, of House Kirjuri, Popular singer about town

Kristiina Poika, of House Uskalias, Master bladesmith

Juranda Holinn, of House Uskalias, Captain of the Guard

Dhanush - Naga researcher & alchemist

Prashanth - Naga Priestess of Rauni (yes, a moon priestess)

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