Town of Kokoru o Wero (Bay of Spears) Edit

Kokoru o Wero is a large (by orcish standards) village on the central-west coast of Waritu. It is just a few day's walk from the Tower of Helmark, the tower and refuge of a long-dead elven wizard. Fishing and farming are the primary businesses of the village, though there is a family that has recently figured out how to make a surprisingly good beer and has begun to export it.

Town type village
Population 1620
GP Limit 294
Wealth 32086
Full Time Guards 6
Conscriptable 31

Patron Diety: Edit

Chu’Koi, an orcish sea god

Notable Citizens: Edit

Kanohi’Wehke - A complete dick. He is the war leader of the village and is built with muscles on muscles on overt misanthropy.

Captain Kanawa - captain of a fishing/merchant ship, friendly and honorable

Mash’tun - a talented scout and son of the local brewmaster

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