Village of Lehtivihreä Edit

Lehtivihreä is a small elvish village about 60 miles northwest of Jumala, and about 50 miles northeast of the ruins of Stenberin.

The village is built into a rocky, tree-covered valley in the foothills of the Isoäidit mountain range.

About 45 elves and a hobbit family live here, mostly living off the land in a magically-enhanced pastoral existence. Four of the families keep herds of mountain goats and domesticated elk, whose fur and horns are used for many crafts.

Notable Structures Edit

Hall of Leaves Edit

The Hall of Leaves is the village gathering place, tavern and inn. There are 4 individual rooms and a common bunk/hammock room. Mauno Nybom is the head vintner and owner. Kotiliesi wines - the family's prime vintage - are highly regarded throughout Kotime.

The Mill Run Edit

An interesting mill is built over the healthy creek that runs near the village. The mill is designed to handle many kinds of grain, and also includes an innovative press for grapes and berries.

Library of Rauni Edit

A library and holy sanctuary dedicated to the elven mother goddess, tended by two priestesses and their children.

Temple of Taipo Edit

A small, but beautiful temple devoted to the nature god of the elves, tended by a priest and her family.

Temple of Laufi Edit

A dome-shaped building at the outside of the village, tended by a particularly religious wizard and his apprentice.

Airship Dock Edit

After making a deal with a noble of House Hopea, Lehtivihreä has built a strange-looking dock for use by airships. The dock is conveniently close to the Hall of Leaves, and the Nybom family hopes to become a destination of choice for wealthy nobles looking for a wine vacation in the idyllic countryside.

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