Ko Te Mana Parakore - "The Undying Powers"

Orcish worship is typically divided by tribe or clan. Unique groups typically venerate a deity aligned closely with them. They acknowledge, but do not necessarily pay homage to the gods of other orc groups. As such, there are dozens of orc gods, each with somewhere between 20 and 200,000 orcs who at least pay lip service to them. A small sample of the motley pantheon follows:

Chu'Koi - God of the sea. Chu'Koi's symbol is an eye in a cresting wave. The popular male deity is worshiped by many coastal orc tribes, particularly on the west coast of Waritu.

Homina - Goddess of bounty and harvest, vengeance and beer. The plains orcs who pray to Homina claim that it was the harvest goddess who first brought the secrets of fermenting hops to Daera. Before then, the world was forced to drink expensive wine, mead or liquor. Plains orcs claim that thousands of years ago, dwarf explorers from Heligastenen stole Homina's secrets from them, and the orcs have stoked a burning fury against dwarves ever since.

Tuma’Tega - God of war and iron. The vicious and powerful mountain orc tribes commonly worship Tuma'Tega. They harness the war god's power for sharp blades, and invoke the god's blessing to in a ritual that produces a terrifying battle fury. As such, Tuma'Tega and his faithful and are generally feared by all other orcs.

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