Queen Regent Estrid Storrada is the high queen of all elvendom. She maintains her seat of power in the capital city of Kotime, Jumala.

Queen Estrid is the senior member of House Terävä, and has been married to Turku Hedlinger (583), of House Hopea for almost 400 years. The Queen and King have been blessed with two children, Harald (341) and Ulricka (235).

Estrid was born in Jumala, 604 years ago, and is the only child of King Tuomari Storrada and Queen Tarja Heitala. Estrid took the crown after the death of her father, 371 years ago, and her mother passed from the realm about 65 years after that. Estrid is the second of the Storrada line to rule Kotime. The last of the direct line of the Terävä family, princess Maija, died in a magical accident in Talinn almost 700 years ago.

Most of Estrid's rule has been characterized by her attempts to stabilize her people's falling numbers and promote the security of Kotime's borders. Under her rule, coastal patrols have been doubled over those of her father's rule, and the order of sky knights has been reinstated.

Estrid is staunchly against elven forays into other continents and rejects colonialism as a tragic mistake that led to her people's decline.

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