The Queenswatch of Jumala Edit

This group of former soldiers was recommended and implemented as the civic guards of Jumala by Queen Regent Estrid Storrada, early in her reign, about 325 years ago. The current 75 members of the Queenswatch are all elven men and women (and three halflings) recruited for their sharp intellect and superior attention to detail. Each of the watch spent at least a decade in the Queen's army prior to their recruitment to the watch.

Most of the watch are trained in the arts of combat, scouting and investigation. Eleven members of the Queenswatch are also trained in some kind of magic. Most of these spell casters are clerics, but there are three wizards as well.

Role Edit

As the standing army of Kotime shrank and the role of the churches and other public institutions played a less active role in the lives of elves, some of the traditional social order had begun to fray. Queen Estrid perceived that her people felt less safe than they had in generations past, and this insecurity was likely behind many of the mounting social problems. She formed the Queenswatch as an elite, highly-vetted and highly visible civil protection and investigation force, not just to stop crime in Jumala, but to seek out root causes of social problems and work with citizens and the government to mitigate or end the trouble.

The Queenswatch is challenged to "make life better for every citizen," and has been lauded by the Queen for striving to protect the civil rights of non-elven citizens with every bit the vigor devoted to elves.

Standard equipment Edit

Most watch members are outfitted with studded leather armor, a leather helm and a buckler. On a standard patrol, the watch carries a lightweight truncheon.

In dangerous times, or when investigating a serious threat, watch officers have the option to wear breastplate armor, a barbute helm, and a large shield. At such times, watch officers are usually armed with a longbow, a longsword and a glaive, and serve to protect the city of Jumala and its citizens, freeing up the army to destroy the threat.

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