Reikol island is part of an island chain to the southeast of Ostenhauner, formed by a mountain spire rose from the sea millennia ago. Curiously, the island was not created by volcanism, and standard plate-tectonics would be hard-pressed to create such an isolated spike so far from any undersea mountain range. From shoreline to shoreline, the island measures about fifteen kilometers across, and the spire of Mount Reikol extends about 1200 meters above the sea.

The island is rocky and largely covered in tough, deep-rooted plants that resist the high winds and heavy storms that frequently ravage the area. There are sheep-like creatures on the island, along with a number of birds, lizards and hardy fruit trees. The weather is oppressive, with lots of fog and rain. The island's climate is on the chilly side of temperate.  The goblins who live there are generally miserable and grouchy, though their crops are bountiful and hearty.

There is more going on within the island than meets the eye, however. In addition to the extremely humble goblin town, Bromach, Reikol Island hides an abandoned mine complex, the sunken Tower of Kela, and the trapped spirit of Kela herself.