Religion is the foundation of most of Daera’s cultures.

There are many clerics and priests who claim to wield the power of the divine, and indeed, there are extraplanar creatures such as angels and devils which hint at the power of godlike beings from beyond the mortal planes. While that may be, magic does not originate from these beings, and they certainly are not omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent. If there is such an omniscient, omnipotent power that influences Daera and her inhabitants, it does not intercede in detectable ways.

There are numerous religions across the planet. Some are shared across a region or empire, some are particular to certain races or cults.

Dwarf Pantheon - Väg Förfäder

Elf Pantheon - Valpas Valtuudet

Goblin Pantheon - Die Erhabenen

Gnome Pantheon - Les Guides Primaires

Hobbit Faith - Los Eje Celestes

Orc Pantheon - Ko Te Mana Parakore

Many other faith paths exist, such as the primarily shamanic Orc traditions, Giant and Dragon ancestor worship, and the Fey celebration of existence and entropy.