The Sammumaton Aruingon Edit

Sammumaton Auringon means "the Unquenchable Sun" in the Elven language.

The ship is an elven 3-masted caravel. She has lanteen sails for coastal maneuverability, square sails for ocean-going speed.

The Sammumaton Aruingon is about 135 feet long, with three sails and exaggerated, sweeping lines. It is a fast ship and fairly maneuverable. The ship itself is heavily enhanced with defensive magic, and is considerably more durable than it looks.

Cargo: 140 tons (considerably lower than the average for most caravels its size, about 200 tons)

The vessel has a number of wooden constructs similar to semi-stationary golems that assist the crew in the day-to-day business of sailing the ship. These automatons work the rigging, sails and anchors on command, but are fairly limited in their function. Each is built into the area that it assists with. The automatons cannot communicate except to register affirmative, negative or confusion, and cannot fight.

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The Crew Edit

Captain, Joukah Hainen

  • Male elf, Dashing Sea Captain archetype
  • Primary weapon: Longsword, “Hain’vatkain” flaming longsword.
  • Attire: Form-fitting black pants, blue & black long sleeved shirt, bronze colored vest. High boots.
  • Has a small monkey familiar named Ulmo.

First Mate, Allotar Unelmoija

  • Female elf, Seaborn Sorcerer archetype
  • 6’-1” tall, Jet black hair, pale blue eyes, very pale skin.
  • Primary weapon: Mithral spell-storing spear
  • Attire: Form-fitting gray pants and sleeveless shirt with a sky blue vest. Wears lots of silver jewelry. Pants, shirt and vest have silver accent. Wears high-laced sandals.
  • Possesses a masterwork harrowing deck.

Navigator, Kalervo Hetewane

  • Male elf, happy warrior marine archetype
  • 6’-5” tall, long dark brown hair, many scars, green eyes
  • Primary weapon: admantium Battleaxe & Mithral round shield
  • Armor: Elven chainmail, dyed green

Healer, Lakko Samoya

  • Female elf, haunted oracle archetype
  • Youngest of the crew
  • 5’-7” tall, golden-brown eyes, sun-tanned skin & pure white hair that she wears up in heavy curled braids.
  • Lakko wears a lot of flowing clothes that are seemingly woven together from multiple squares of different shades. The end result is oddly beautiful and very memorable.
  • Primary weapon: Longbow
  • Armor: Mithral plate & chainmail

Cook/Rigger Paavo Helenius

  • Male elf, reformed pirate archetype
  • Average height, extremely agile an stronger than he looks, Long, braided black hair and sea-green eyes
  • Primary Weapon: Rapier w/ some sort of shadow magic connected to it
  • Armor: Black Dragonscale shirt, with enchanted mithral greaves & vambraces.
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