The subcontinent of Saravoda is a blasted and frightening place. There are signs that it was home to a sprawling civilization several millennia ago, but there are no humanoids that live there now. Tumbled-down ruins of a long-dead cities dot the subcontinent’s interior, and even after thousands of years there still remains shattered armor and equipment strewn across the landscape.

Ruins Edit

While there are no cities or towns, the continent does have many ruin sites. Most of the ruins date back several thousand years, and it is a testament to the skill of their original construction that any of them still stand. It is also a testament to the overwhelming sense of foreboding that encompasses the subcontinent that treasure hunters and adventurers have stayed away from these ruins, no matter what glittering treasures may beckon from within.

The few explorers who have returned from Sarvoda have reported that very little grows on the subcontinent besides mold, lichen and giant fungi. The ruins themselves are said to show signs of shockingly potent magical power being wielded there: stone cut by fire, melted pools of bronze and steel, the earth shattered and twisted unnaturally.

Intelligent Life Edit

Most of the subcontinent is inhabited by ferocious animals, magical beasts and aberrations, though some areas have intelligent (and organized) inhabitants as well. Examples include:

  • Dragons, particularly black and green dragons
  • Ghosts and intelligent undead
  • Unseelie fey
  • Hags

Islands Edit

Sarvoda is surrounded by a number of islands, particularly along the southeastern peninsula. These islands range in size from a kilometer or two across on up to several hundred kilometers wide.


Listed by size, from smallest to largest:

  • Saanjh
  • Lelajahaja
  • Upaya
  • Kadavasptha
  • Hayupa
  • Visak
  • Atmarak
  • Fatatalvaar
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