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Session 10 Edit

After a good night’s rest camping out on the surface, the group returned to the tower entrance, stopping by the suspicious iron chest. Finally, Sam smashed the lock and Paul opened the latched with a mage hand spell. Everyone stood way back, except for Lassier, who used a spear to pry and lift the top of the chest. Suddenly the chest lit up in a gout of flame. Lassier dropped the spear as it burned to a crispy oversized matchstick, and then the flames were gone.

Everyone peered into the chest... and discovered one measly brass key. Lassier kept the steel head of his spear and everyone else tried to console him that a key was worth the loss of a spear.

Not sure of the key’s purpose they chucked it in Dave’s hat and headed back to the last force field. The blue field of force still glowed between them and the entrance to the tower. Next to it, on their side of the force field, the brass lever still pointed up from the marble wall of the corridor.

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