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Session 17 Edit

Working hard with both mundane and magic means to repair the masts and ship, the crew, Lazzier, and their human friends were able to get the Sammumaton Aruingon ready to run with two hours to spare before they were intercepted by the hobgoblin warship.

Joukah and Kalervo carefully tested and maneuvered their vessel, while the rest of the crew and the adventurers bustled about, preparing as many evasive tricks and traps as possible. Paul was cackling away as he packed more explosives into a dinghy that he had converted into a homing mine. Paavo and Lazzier added their own genius touches to shipboard offenses, and honed their weapons. Sam, Erin, Maggey and Dave worked with Lakko and Allotar to prepare a battery of triggered magical traps, and put together a spell defense barrier that would hold off the rage of an arch demon.

It was then that their luck ran out. Just when they had maneuvered the Sammumaton out of its secluded bay and into the open seas, the winds suddenly faded to an eerily unnatural calm. The waves fell, and on the western horizon, the terrible ironside ship began to advance on them with dual oar banks churning at full strength.

The elves and humans rushed about, digging through packs for any wand, scroll, potion or staff collected in their travels that would help them fight back against the weather magic had left the Sammumaton Aruingon dead in the water. The black-sided warship loomed closer, the ominous beat of it drummer and crash of its oars now becoming audible over the distance.

That's when Lakko made a terrible mistake.

She was putting together magical equipment when she dropped a magical deck of cards. Oddly, the first gust of wind in the past 30 minutes swept the cards up into a circle, near where Lazziar and the humans were preparing some to fight the hobgoblins.

Odder still, the cards began to spin and glow, and turned into a shimmering portal. With a sizzling, sucking sound, the portal began to gulp in air, and anyone near it!

Desperately clinging to parts of the ship and one another, Lazziar, Paul, Sam, Erin, Maggey and Dave were sucked through the portal, along with the entire deck of cards! As the last card flew through, the portal closed with a snap and a bright flash. They found themselves in a wholly different world, a sort of pocket dimension known as the Harrowed Realm.

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