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Session 4 Edit

Mash’tun the orcish scout led the gang across a stretch of hilly scrubland, and then through the thick forest to the north. Later, they would learn that the forest was referred to as ‘the Forest of Spiders’. There were... a lot of spiders.

In the forest the group fought and defeated a number of beasties, including a giant spider, a cockatrice and a clearly-insane ettercap. They also encountered a five-headed hydra in a swampy area. Thanks to the swift application of a command spell by Maggey, the group managed to escape the hydra, which was good for everyone’s health.

The group also manage to avoid tangling with with a traveling clan of hill giants, and a flight of manticores.

Once they made it through the forest, Mash’tun pointed out the wizard’s tower, rising up out of some ruins about a quarter mile to the north. With that, the orc turns and beat feet back into the forest, citing health reasons for his departure.

The group decided to camp out about a hundred feet outside the forest and approach the ruins in the morning.

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