Spirits of Daera[edit | edit source]

'Spirit' is the catch-all term for any sort of sapient being from another plane that is able to enter Daera. Many, but not most, are able to manifest a physical form and interact with mortals.

Spirits are ageless and immortal unless destroyed through violence.

Spirits are sapient, though their mental abilities range widely, from slightly-above-mold to beyond-mortal-reckoning.

Spirits are related to, but separate from dual natured beings.

Spirits come from many planes of existence, but spirits from the Astral Plane are the most common, as it is the closest to the Material Plane. There are extraplanar beings that inhabit the other two inner planes, the Shadow Plane and the Ethereal Plane, but these creatures do not typically cross over to the material plane.

Common Spirit Types[edit | edit source]


Anthro (Spirits of Man)



Ice (Air + Water subtype)


Lava (Earth + Fire subtype)


Spirits from the Deep Planes[edit | edit source]

Angels[edit | edit source]

Devils[edit | edit source]

Demons[edit | edit source]

Inevitables[edit | edit source]

Modrons[edit | edit source]

Slaadi[edit | edit source]

Yugoloth[edit | edit source]

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