The Jade Mask of Mastoran Kirdi Edit

Appearance Edit

The mask itself is formed out of pure green jade and is apparently indestructible. It is carved to look like an elf's face made out of leaves, vines, berries and bears very ancient elven runes and sigils. The top edge of the mask is carved to look like a set of elk antlers that wrap around the wearer's head like a crown.

The mask's effects always manifest with a brilliant, beautiful green energy signature.

History Edit

The Jade Mask is a priceless artifact, holy to the church of Taipo, and created over 1,500 years before the Curse of the Decline. It was lost 900 years ago on the continent of Waritu, when its bearer was slain by a coven of hags and their foul servants.

Recently, the mask was recovered by the hero, Lazer of House Vaarasta, and returned to the church of Taipo in Jumala.

Battle Aura Edit

Upon wearing the mask, the wielder faintly glows with green energy and becomes notably more effective with all melee attacks against supernatural and unnatural creatures. (This never includes true fey or uncorrupted elementals.) The wearer can also gather his energy to make a channeled attack that inflicts enormous to supernatural and unnatural creatures. This channeled attack may only be used a few times each day.

Attunement Edit

To gain the full abilities of the mask, the bearer must wear the mask for one full day and night. During this time, the mask and bearer enter a mental contest to see who is in control of who.

Once attuned the wearer gains the following, while wearing the mask:

The ability to commune with nature (as the spell) 3/day

Fast Healing (as regeneration) when in natural, unworked environments.

Additional persuasiveness in all social interactions with fey, elementals and elves.

Improved stealth and alertness when in natural, unworked environments.

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