Tsis Mekhsiereba - Seat of Drow Power on Sarvoda Edit

Tsis Mekhsiereba was first founded over 6,000 years ago in cooperation with sponsors from the Serpent Hegemony. It is situated about a half mile above the now-lost naga city of Vaalki Tanni, in the upper layers of the deep Underdark beneath Sarvoda.

It is the parent city to Vetrenayykoron, a thriving drow town in the middle Underdark.

Tsis Meksiereba is an ancient city, but it has been on the wane for over a thousand years. Once badly overcrowded, the city now feels fairly spacious. Once-common political intrigue and outright battles have become rare spectacles, as houses have long since consolidated their power and fortified their own pieces of the deep city.

Tsis Mekhsiereba

City of Tsis Mekhsiereba

The city is technically a theocracy, though the matron mothers of the great houses hold most of the power and decision making.


High Priestess of Lolth, Lyudmila Leonidaya

Chief Antagonist:

High Priestess of Ghaunadaur, Zinadia Kuznetsova

Noble Houses in order of prestige:

  1. Leonidaya
    • The Leonidaya family controls most important events of the city, and their daughters hold places of prestige in the priesthood and hall of the arcane
    • Chernoye Zhelezo, the Leonidaya stronghold, sits atop a major adamantine vein, and a fresh waterfall flows into their holding
  2. Maximavna
  3. Afanasievya
  4. Kuznetsova
  5. Pastirnakya
  6. Zima
  7. Chaykovskya
  8. Yegorovna
  9. Ilyinishna
  10. Andreevna
  11. Shalyapinova
  12. Globaya
  13. Kozyrevana
  14. Zhutovaya
  15. Naskova
  16. Lipinaya
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