The Lost City of Vaalki Tanni Edit

Vaalki Tanni was a thriving city of some 25,000 naga in the days before the fall of the Serpent Hegemony.

Vaalki Tanni lies several miles below the surface of the subcontinent of Sarvoda, in the deep reaches of the Underdark. The dome of the main cavern of the city reaches up to just about a half mile below the lowest reaches of the dark elf city of Tsis Mekhsiereba.

It has been discovered to be the final resting place of the semi-mythical dwarf heroine, Blenda Solögon, an important ancestor figure in dwarven religion. The dwarf paladin was the only one of a questing party to make it to the city, and were said to be searching for a geomantic relic sacred to the early surface dwarf cultures of Heligastenen. It is not known how Blenda Solögon died, as the city had been abandoned for several hundred years by the time of her quest.

The city of Vaalki Tanni was founded between 10,000 and 7,000 years ago, but records are spotty. Naga citizens were known to venerate a wide pantheon of gods, but the patron god of Vaalki Tanni was a demigod called Takshaka.

Elf and Human adventurers from the surface reached Vaalki Tanni on a quest to find the Heart of Gold, and fought with a group of golems that apparently killed Blenda Solögon thousands of years earlier, and also tangled with a kind of undead beholder, a 'death tyrant.'

Once reaching their goal, the adventurers from the surface pressed on to explore the ziggurat Temple of Takshaka.