Vetrenayykoron - Drow expansion city

Occupying a nearby, but higher and smaller cavern than its parent city, Tsis Mekhsiereba, Vetrenayykoron serves as the primary interface between the Drow of the Underdark and the beings the dark elves regard as 'lesser species.' The city straddles the Belyyvrach River, which winds its way through this part of the underdark. The mineral deposits that leech into the river leave its water a milky white, and the blind fish that feed in its water are surprisingly large.

Unlike Tsis Mekhsiereba, the walls of the city do not extend to the full height of the cavern, mostly cutting off at just 20 feet high - they are mainly to keep slaves in, rather than to keep enemies out.

Eight of the great houses of Tsis Mekhsiereba have offshoot houses here.


City plan of Vetrenayykoron

Vetrenayykoron has a population of about 7,000 drow and almost 12,000 slaves of various races. It was founded about 2,200 years ago, and its dark elf population has severely dwindled from its height of 45,000 some 1100 years ago. The city was initially home to svirfneblin, then duregar, and briefly, mind flayers, all driven out in succession.

Now the town mostly acts as a trade and military outpost for Tsis Mekhsiereba.

Like most drow population centers, Vetrenayykoron is ruled by the ranking priestess of Lolth. The head of the ranking house and commander of the city's military arm leads the council of houses, and answers to commands from the matron mothers in Tsis Mekhsiereba.

Influential Houses of Vetrenayykoron

  • Leonidaya
  • Maximavna
  • Afanasievya
  • Kuznetsova
  • Zima
  • Yegorovna
  • Globaya
  • Lipinaya

The matrons of these houses make up the ruling council of the city, which governs alongside the city's high priestess of Lolth, Oksana Maximavna. In truth, it is Irinia Leonidaya who holds the most power in Vetrenayykoron, as her grandmother is the matron of House Leonidaya in Tsis Mekhsiereba, and her aunt, Lyudmila Leonidaya is the high priestess of Lolth in the great drow city.

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