Vrock - Tanar'ri Demon Edit

Vrocks are a subset of Tanar'ri class spirits also called Type I Demons. Like all demons, Vrocks come from the deep planes, specifically a chaotic and tumultuous plane known as The Abyss.

For general information on Vrocks, see the Vrock entry in the Pathfinder SRD.

Physical Traits Edit

When summoned, Vrocks manifest on the physical plane as 3m tall crosses between vultures and humanoids. As physical beings they typically weigh around 150 kilograms. While bipedal, vrocks have six limbs - two vulture-like legs, a pair of claw-tipped arms, and a pair of wings. Their coloration ranges wildly, but Vrocks who serve the same master typically have similar appearances.

System Edit

The average Vrock is a Force 4 Spirit from the Deep Plane of the Abyss. Some Vrocks are slightly more powerful, but few exceed Force 6.

F+4 F F F+3 F F F+1 F+1
Initiative (Fx2)+2D6
Astral Initiative (Fx2)+3D6
Combat Factors
Claws inflict STR+2 damage - Reach +1
Bite inflicts STR damage
Allergy (Holy, Severe)
Assensing, Astral Combat, Perception, Unarmed Combat, Flight, Intimidation, Etiquette, 2 Knowledges of choice
Astral Form, Materialization, Sapience, Banishing Resistence, Mind Link, Hardened Armor, Dance of Ruin (See Below), Immunity: Electricity, Immunity: Poison, Paralyzing Howl, Spores (See Below)
Optional Powers
Accident, Fear, Resistance: Fire, Resistance: Cold, Search

Dance of Ruin

If a Vrock dances and chants for three full combat rounds (9 seconds) at the exclusion of all other actions, it can unleash a burst of electrical energy in a 30 meter radius. This functions as a Ball Lightning spell with a force equal to the Vrock's force and a Spellcasting + Magic equal to the Vrock's Force x 2. For every additional Vrock (up to four) participating in the Dance of Ruin, increase the force of the effect by 2 and add 2 dice to the Spellcasting + Magic total.


Once every 3 combat rounds, as a free action, a Vrock can unleash aggressive spores from its body. Creatures within 3 meters of the Vrock (except other Vrocks) suffer damage equal to the Vrock's force (resist with Body), and if not completely resisted, suffer 1 point of physical damage every other round for 10 rounds as the spores rapidly grow into unsightly green vines that hang from the target's flesh. The spores can be destroyed by any source of holy damage, bless spells or holy water. They can also be eliminated by spells and effect that stop or remove diseases.