Wyverns are large, winged, reptilian creatures of animal intelligence that most scholars suspect are distantly related to dragons. Dragons typically claim that wyverns are simply an embarrassing example of convergent evolution.

Wyverns are generally ill-tempered and opportunistic, but can be trained as mounts by the extremely brave or foolhardy. Certain tribes of orcs are known to raise Wyverns from stolen eggs and hope for the best.

Physical Traits Edit

Wyverns slightly resemble feathered serpents in that they have two pairs of limbs - agile rear legs, and wide, sweeping wings. They are considerably smaller than an adult feathered serpent, and have smooth, bat-like wings rather than feathers.

They are omnivores with a particular hunger for magical beings. Certain tribes of giants use them to hunt for barghests and other nuisance magical predators.

Adult wyverns typically have wingspans of up to 15 meters and are covered in thick scales. Their coloration typically matches the area they were hatched in.

Varieties Edit

Various subtypes of wyverns are known in various parts of the world.

  • Ice Wyverns - Ice wyverns are immune to cold and typically pursue magical beasts and spirits.
  • Lava Wyverns - these are trouble - highly fire resistant, and inject a particularly virulent venom.
  • Sand Wyverns - these creatures typically burrow under sand dunes, sleeping through the heat of the day.

System Edit

10 5 5 12 4 2 3 3 3
Initiative 8+d6
Movement x2/x4/+4 (x3/x6/+5 flight)
Condition Monitor 13/10
Limits Physical 13, Mental 4, Social 6
Armor 10
Skills Unarmed Combat 3, Exotic Weapon (sting) 5, Perception 6, Sneaking 3, Tracking 4, Intimidation 4
Powers Armor 10, Flight, Venom, Natural Weapon (Sting DV STR+4), Natural Weapon (Bite DV STR+3)

Combat Edit

Wyverns are aggressive until seriously injured. They typically flee if they take more than 4 boxes of physical or 6 boxes of stun damage. Wyverns used as mounts will attempt to resist their riders if they are injured to this point, and riders must make a Reaction+Riding check vs the Wyvern's Willpower (minimum 2) to get it under control.